Bat in the Sun has consistently produced some of the best ” Fan Films” to hit the web. to quote Time Magazine ” Hollywood could learn from Bat in the Sun”. This episode is one of our favorites here at 13th Hour Online . It features an epic battle between Batman and Darth Vader and has two different versions. One of which includes a cameo by the Man of Steel himself, Superman. Who would win? You decide.

Batman vs Darth Vader- Superhero Beat-down was Directed by Aaron Schoenke and the series is produced by Aaron Schoenke, Sean Schoenke and Nikolay Zamkovoy. There are over 20 different videos in the “Superhero Beat-down “series and to be honest all of them are worth giving a watch. check out Bat in the Suns you tube channel at 

The cast includes Kevin Porter as BATMAN  Damian Beureras Darth Vader and Jake Allyn as SUPERMAN with
Jon-Charles Cordery as Darth Vader’s Voice and David Baxter as Darth Vader Unmasked.

Original Version

2nd Version with Alternate Ending