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I was born too late to have the college experience in the year 1980, but if I did I’m sure that the orientation film that they would have shown to incoming students would have played a lot like Everybody Wants Some. It covers everything that any kid making the transition from High School to College in the 80’s would have needed to know. How do you deal with a roommate you don’t like? How do you make friends? How do you find a billion different women to sleep with your first weekend there even though you’re a freshman? How do you play ping pong with someone who takes things too seriously? How do you go from disco to country to punk in 36 hours and then never think of those ever again? How do you deal with the creepy older guy that never wanted to leave college? All of these are answered in as realistically a manner as possible.

When reality goes out the window though is about halfway through the film when there is no visible aggressor to cause a problem that can only be solved via kung fu, dancing or ski off. As everyone knows, this is how things were handled in the 80’s, therefore making this film totally historically inaccurate.

The cast, mostly played by every character Paul Rudd has ever played, was great and as bright-eyed and charming as Paul Rudd is in every role. The big stand out, as much as anyone who is not Paul Rudd can be a stand out, was J Giles showing the history of who he was before the J Giles band ever came to be. The female roles were also played by Paul Rudd in drag, but the characters were given no character whatsoever, realistically keeping with 80’s stereotypes.

All in all I recommend this film for anyone who wants to relive the nostalgia of the college experience in the years between Animal House and Revenge of the Nerds. Enjoy!

PS – I found the lack of montage whilst fixing up the house disturbing.